Snow Day!!

Here are lots of photos from our Snow Day in Sanford!  The dogs LOVED it…I have to beg them to come in from the snow!


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Can you understand your pet?

Billy posted a great entry on his blog today about pet owners and their ability (or inability) to understand their pets.  He went on to list the different sounds our dogs make and what they mean to him.

You can link to his story here.

His post made me laugh out loud, specifically when he writes about Honey’s whines and screams when she sees a squirrel.  His list isn’t comprehensive as he doesn’t spend as much time with Homes and Maus as I do, ahem, ahem.  But it’s pretty good.

I thought I’d do my own survey.  Do you think you can understand your pet?


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Back Home

I have plenty of pictures and stories to share now that we are back from a mini-trip to Louisiana.  But tonight, I’m all about unpacking, cleaning the house and petting my dogs.

So, it’ll just have to wait ’til tomorrow!

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Disaster Waiting To Happen?

I haven’t figured out how I lost this fight, but I did.  Because Miles is still a puppy and still doesn’t have complete control of his legs and movement yet, I wanted to put our Christmas tree out on the screened porch.  Billy whined that he wouldn’t be able to see it from inside.

So, the tree is in our dining room.  And we just (finally) decorated it.

My question is this: how long do we give Miles before the first ornament becomes a chew toy?

I’ll start the pool at 45 minutes.

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Miles’ Trail o’ Destruction

Wow.  That’s a lot of apostrophes for one title.

All right, I’m going to come clean.  I’m just not motivated to write much lately.  I don’t know what it is.  I do know it surely isn’t Miles.  Poor guy, he’s been trying his darnedest to give me good material.

So, here I am.  Making attempt No. 327 to get back into the swing of blogging.

I came home last week to a horrifying sight.  Miles had surgically removed the guts of the leather non-recliner in the study/dogs’ room.

He was in big trouble.

Like, really, really, almost became an outside dog trouble.

Then I realized that it was mostly our fault.  Darn it.

Today, I came home to a trail of trash.  We had left a plastic grocery bag of various items from cooking dinner last night hanging on the back door.  Well, Miles had a field day.  It went from the back door (original location) to the dog bed in the kitchen, to the food and water bowls, down the hallway, onto the other dog bed in the hall (oh, because they aren’t allowed near stuffed furniture unsupervised anymore–or the equivalent of him being an outside dog) and into the bathroom.  It took ten minutes to pick up all the little pieces of plastic, thyme stems, paper towels, etc.

I took pictures, of course, and it made me reminisce about all the items lost to the Miles.  Which kinda sounds like it could be a country song.

  • So many toys.  Seriously, there isn’t a toy out there that can hold up to Miles chompers.  God forbid if they squeak.
  • Trees.  Truly.  We have (had) these baby trees along our fence line and Miles just thinks they’re play sticks growing especially for him.
  • My sanity.  I mean, look at this picture.  The really scary one, though, is the picture of me after I saw him looking like this.


  • Leashes.  Miles “set himself free” twice in the backseat of the car and set Honey free once, too.
  • Sheets and blankets.  In an effort to minimize the dirt and dog hair on our furniture, bed and car seats, we would put down sheets and blankets.  But Miles doesn’t like anything to come between him and the upholstery, so he dug and clawed and chewed until he was no longer lying on the sheets and blankets.
  • Honey’s dog bed.  Poor Buns.  When Miles was just a wee lad, he took over her dog bed…barely fitting in it.  When he started really having trouble squeezing in, he made some modifications to it.  Here he is with it still intact.


  • Our baseboards.  Granted, we have every intention of repainting the baseboards in the house.  What we weren’t planning on doing was replacing some of it.
  • Pajama pants, t-shirts, countless pairs of underwear.  I only took a picture of this pair of Billy’s pjs because it was so funny that they ended up in the backyard somehow.


  • So much toilet paper.  So very much.


A couch.



  • One of the new pillows for my new couch.  (Not the cushion.  Oh, no, he’d definitely be an outside dog.)
  • The blue non-recliner seen here.  Only, the stuffing was all over the place when I came home and found it.



The trash.




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I’ve been fooled

I leave for work every morning before Billy does.  So, usually he and the dogs are in the living room when I head out the door.

Miles is not allowed on the living room furniture.  Miles doesn’t understand this rule and attempts to get on the sofa no fewer than 20 times a day.  I can usually tell when he’s thinking about it so I wait until he lifts that first paw and tell him “off”…this works 98% of the time.  The other 2% he gets on the couch anyway, looks at Honey (who is allowed on the furniture) then reluctantly gets off the sofa.

Billy, I think, isn’t quite as strict with Miles when I’m not around.  I mean just yesterday morning as I was roaming around the house before work I passed by the living room only to see Billy and Miles on the sofa.  Umm, Billy!!!

OK…so every morning when I leave for work Miles goes to the side porch door and watches me walk out to my car and pull out of the driveway.  Which I always thought was so sweet.  I’d give him a little wave and be grateful I was the first to leave in the morning.

I was telling this to Billy…how sweet it was–Miles watching me leave every morning–when he enlightened me.  Miles wasn’t being sweet by seeing me off…he was watching for the coast to be clear and heading straight to the sofa.  Every morning.

Which makes me wonder…just how much disciplining does Billy do when I’m not around.  Truthfully, I imagine that after I pull out of the driveway Billy looks to Miles for confirmation the coast is clear.  Miles gives him the A-OK and they both stretch out and snuggle up on the couch…so glad that strict Mom isn’t around to spoil all the fun.


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I knew it!

I have been so tempted to set up a camera to catch what Honey and Miles do all morning and afternoon when we’re at work.  And I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that Honey is nicer to Miles when we’re not around.

See, when we’re at home and Honey shows her teeth at Miles, he is always very surprised.  He staggers back a few steps and looks at her with this absolutely shocked face.  I just kept thinking if Honey was always mean to him, he wouldn’t act so surprised.

Well, I was right.  Billy called me from the house at lunch today to tell me he’d walked in and caught them snuggled up together on Miles’ bed.

I asked if he meant they were just sharing it and he said nope!  Miles was curled up in a ball around Honey.

How cute is that?

Unfortunately, the shock left him unable to get his camera in time so I can’t witness it for myself.  But I’ll take his word for it and silently laugh to myself when she pretends to be annoyed with him.

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